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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy forms part of the user agreement contained in the Terms of Service of (“Website”) which is owned by Vendorable.

If you use the Website in relation to a transaction of and/or concerning real estate located in one of the following jurisdictions, Vendorable means the entity described opposite in the list that follows, otherwise, Vendorable means Vendorable Pty Ltd (ACN 168 378 890):

  • Australia - Vendorable Pty Ltd (ACN 168 378 890)
  • New Zealand - Vendorable Limited (Company Number 5859262)
  • United Kingdom - Vendorable Limited (Company Number 9778443, Data Protection number ZA233724)
  • United States - Vendorable LLC (File Number 5881091)

By using the Website and accepting the Terms of Service you agree to this Privacy Policy. You must not use the Website if you do not agree with this Privacy Policy.

A reference to “you” means an intending user or user (as the case requires) of the Website and a reference to “your” is a reference to you in the possessive form.

A reference to “we” or “us” is a reference to Vendorable and a reference to “our” or “ours” is a reference to us in the possessive form.

This document is important and should be considered carefully by anyone intending to use the Website. Should you have any questions or comments you may contact us by email at

As this policy may be updated from time to time, users of the Website should consider carefully whether any change to this policy may affect them, and whether any change is suitable to their continued use of the Website.

Policy Updates

This Privacy Policy was last updated on 22 August 2020.

Vendorable will review its Privacy Policy when its service offering changes or it changes its third-party service providers.

What kinds of personal information do we collect and hold?

  1. We collect and hold:

    1. your name(s);

    2. your email address;

    3. your photo;

    4. other contact information such as:

      1. telephone numbers; and/or

      2. physical addresses;

    5. personal information you give to us through correspondence with us including identifying information we may ask from you such as:

      1. identity documents;

      2. title searches; and/or

      3. rates notices;

    6. your system information used to connect with the Website such as:

      1. device ID;

      2. IP address;

      3. geo-location;

      4. device type; and/or

      5. server log information;

    7. your page view statistics;

    8. traffic pathways into and out of the Website;

  2. In addition, if you are an Agent User we collect and hold:

    1. your licence number entitling you to practise as a real estate agent in your jurisdiction(s) and details of its expiry;

    2. the name of the company or partnership in which you work as a real estate agent and its trading name if any and its real estate agent licence number and details of its expiry;

    3. your LinkedIn profile link;

    4. the location you work out of;

    5. your biography;

    6. details of your bids for jobs;

    7. details of the sales process of properties which relate to jobs you have been awarded and are completing;

    8. scores about your performance as a real estate agent from Owner Users;

    9. reviews about your performance as a real estate agent from Owner Users.

  3. In addition, if you are an Owner User we collect and hold:

    1. the address and other details about properties you are proposing to sell;

    2. the details of the sales process of your specific properties from Agent Users.

  4. Much of the personal information we collect and hold will already be in the public domain or will come into the public domain (such as if you sell property, the transfer of ownership may be registered in your jurisdiction's land titles register).

How do we collect and hold personal information?

  1. We collect your information when you sign up for an account on the Website, when you visit pages on the Website, and when you input information to the Website.

  2. Your personal information may be aggregated with other users or be held on its own.

  3. Your personal information is held on virtual private servers operated by DigitalOcean and Amazon Web Services.

The purposes for which personal information is collected, held, used and disclosed.

  1. Your personal information is collected, held, used and disclosed in order to provide the services on the Website and to improve the services of the Website.

  2. We use your personal information to contact you about the services of the Website and any improvements or additions to them. You may opt out of any of our direct marketing communications.

  3. We disclose your personal information to the following third-party service providers in order to provide the services and improve the services of the Website:

    1. DigitalOcean – hosting;

    2. Amazon Web Services – hosting;

    3. Google Analytics – user insights.

  4. Due to the nature of the services of the Website, and in particular our commitment to the prevention of fraud in dealing with real property, it is impracticable for us to deal with individuals who have not identified themselves fully.

How may an individual access their personal information and seek its correction?

  1. You may access your personal information available through the Website and correct it. If you believe we hold information that is incorrect, then you may request for us to amend it.

How may an individual complain to us and how will the complaint be handled?

  1. To complain and/or request copies of your personal data send an email to and the complaint will, at the first instance, be addressed by Vendorable's Privacy Officer. We will work with you to address any unauthorised access to your personal information by a third-party.

Are we likely to disclose personal information to overseas recipients?

  1. We use virtual private servers operated by Amazon Web Services to host the Website. Therefore, your personal information may be in various locations throughout the world, including but without limitation, Australia, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, The Netherlands, the Philippines, and/or the United States of America. We use the analytical tool Google Analytics. These services are run off servers in and out of the United States of America. To the extent the foregoing is disclosure of your personal information to overseas recipients, that is the likely extent of the disclosure to overseas recipients.